How technology revolution can be seen through the lens of humanity? Few findings from the 7th Drucker Forum

  • Which are the results of the massive impact of new technologies on our everyday life?

  • How can the disruptions that they bring match with enduring human needs for engagement, meaning and caring for others?

  • How can digital technology be leveraged to augment human capacity as opposed to automate and replace it? 

  • Can we imagine a makeover in management now that we live in a technology-driven economy? 

All these topics were addressed by the 7th Global Drucker Forum, held in November 2015.  It touched a key theme of our time: how technology revolution can be seen through the lens of humanity. Many of the speakers reflected on the consequences of the new sharing economy system, the need to re-invent hierarchy, the power of motivation and the enduring value of old ways of networking (lunches will always make a difference!), as well as the importance of empathy in an web-based, usually emotional blind society.

Among the topics addressed, we would like to highlight four key areas. Firstly, how connectivity change the way we work. Secondly, future scenarios for a world where technology usually make unnecessary to incorporate human intuition, creativity and ethics. Thirdly, the consequences of  productivity-enhancing technology, which is now unlikely to yield more jobs.  Last but not least, how innovation and technology will affect and change the current management system.

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