The existing order of organizations and societal institutions is under scrutiny. Novel, digital rules and a disruptive transformation put well-rehearsed routines and so far successful problem solving strategies under a strong pressure to change.

And what about us? We’re right in the middle. Marveling speechless at this global village, always on the jump back into a time that promised safety without restraints.

REVUE is a society magazine seeking new cultural methods and social innovations to help us meet the challenges of a digital world. 
The magazine is working in and with an ever-growing international network of writers, journalists, artists, philosophers, designers, managers, Change Makers, scientists and entrepreneurs. People who have a serious interest in building a future worth living, together.

Welcome to the Next Society.


Who's behind the REVUE – Magazine for the Next Society? 

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Bernhard Krusche, Publisher

Appreciates the situational potential of third places and surprising neighborhoods. As ethnologist & entrepreneur, he is especially curious about all ongoing renovation works in our society.

Natalia Pazzaglia, Community Manager

Travel lover, with a background in social innovation and a passion for making change happen. She is currently responsible for building a community of professionals collaborating towards a Next Society. 




Hannes Sorger, Designer

As designer, he encourages people and organizations to leave the beaten tracks and deal with the question how information technology could assist the birth of something new.


Nathalie Sonne, Project Manager

Music lover, traveller, full-time explorer. In the team, she's responsible for transforming the REVUE into an online medium.

Thomas Sattelberger, Co-Editor

Former manager in four Dax 30 corporations, including many years as a member of the board. His urge to change the society for the better (thus: next) is still unbroken.

Reinhard Sprenger, Co-Editor

One of Germany's most renowned management experts. His books are among the classics of management literature: sharp-tongued, accurate and provocative.


Gesche Joost, Co-Editor

Professor of design research at the University of Arts in Berlin and heads the Design Research Lab. Since 2014, she's appointed "Digital Champion" in the European Parliament.


Dirk Baecker, Co-Editor

Sociologist and professor of cultural theory and analysis at Zeppelin University. His work on the Next Society form the theoretical framework for the discourse of the REVUE.

Manouchehr Shamsrizi, Co-Editor

Member of several think tanks (including the beta-group DIE ZEIT foundation & the Yunus-Brainpool) and connects people - both online and offline.