We are creative space explorers!

Ignore Gravity is on a mission to find and connect the most amazing creative spaces in the world. A diverse ambassador network of curious people are all exploring the links between creativity, space, community and collaboration in order to make these spaces thrive. Ignore Gravity  want their Creative Space Explorer Map to become a compendium of the world’s most inspiring creative spaces and a true source of knowledge and inspiration for the people that run such spaces.

REVUE believes the community of people that care about creative spaces knows best which ones actually pose a valuable lesson to others. If you spread out over the planet in coworking spaces, futures-focussed non-profits, corporate innovation labs, outlier university institutions, alternative business schools or hacker spaces REVUE urge you to put your knowledge on the map and add your favorite creative spaces.

Jan Bathel will interview creative space founders, mindful hosts, radical innovators, community builders, artists & corporate innovation strategists to collect and share the knowledge, stories and learnings of how to make a creative space come alive.