A possible future for work- a talk with Julia Marczi from Teal for Startup

Continuing our discussions to find out how to re-invent organizations, here an example from Teal for Startup, a global community and movement that is helping startups to go teal, implementing values-driven, system-thinking and holistic organizations.

“Why do I have to open up a ticket to get a new mouse-pad? Why do I have to stay in the office until 6 pm even if there is nothing left to do? Why does nobody ask my opinion? Anyway, why am I doing this? Does work really have to be like this...?”

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, you are not alone.

Many of us sense that the way we run organizations and manage work sucks. Our world is ruled by hierarchical, capital-driven organizations stuck in a plan-and-control mindset. They treat people as disposable cogs, while fail to create the necessary conditions for creativity and innovation that we desperately need in these challenging times. Many of us find neither fulfillment nor appreciation at work, and our talents and passion need to be nourished outside of work (see the interesting expression “work-life balance”).

Something is wrong. Times are changing rapidly and our existing organizational paradigms seem to be a few steps behind. Correction or introducing new tools and methods are not sufficient any more. We need a deep, profound change, starting at the level of consciousness.

The good news is that this change is already in progress. A new organizational paradigm is on the rise, turning the mainstream management thinking upside down. Introduced in the groundbreaking book Reinventing Organizations by F. Laloux, the Teal-Evolutionary paradigm offers a solution – by taking the next step in the evolution of human consciousness.

Teal organizations are soulful workplaces that consider themselves as living systems and a separate, organic entity. Instead of being a mere vehicle to reach management targets, they embrace an evolutionary purpose, actively listening all the time to how they can truly serve the world. Hierarchy, plan and control mechanisms and rules are abolished and give room for trust, sensing and responding.  Job descriptions and positions are replaced with role-based self-management, enabling initiative, participation and creativity. People are encouraged to show up not just with an “edited”, professional face, but with their whole personality, including their doubts and vulnerability.

The result is a fluid and flexible company culture that allows the organization to adapt rapidly to the changing circumstances, and members to fully participate based on their passions and talents. A soulful workplace where human potential and innovation can flourish and where meaningful work is being done.

...Sounds too visionary? It’s not. There is a number of organizations experimenting with Teal. But it is a long way to go and we need to actively facilitate the emergence of Teal companies.

This is the purpose of Teal for Startups (T4S) - an open online community with members from all around the world and all walks of life. T4S wants to empower founders to create innovative workplaces by developing a practical, holistic guide covering all aspects of setting up a Teal business.

T4S was born in the fall of 2015 and is rapidly growing ever since. The community is trying to work itself in a Teal way – without plans, bosses, and control.. Everyone can take initiatives and be part of the decision-making, ideas flow openly and without judgment.

Being part of this co-creation process is something really exciting. I experience first-hand what working in Teal means. It has its challenges and requires a new mind-set and a high level of flexibility but it all pays off; the shared passion and purpose are an incredible uniting force, creating an atmosphere I have never experienced before at work: open, caring, trusting, supportive and creative. The quality of work is just different, since it comes from a deeper source – from a true engagement to a purpose beyond us.

Join us and be part of a future-minded community that drives large-scale positive change. Find us on Facebook and on our website.

Author profile:

Julia Marczi is a corporate renegade and an aspiring Social Entrepreneur. Her vision is a more humane and conscious business world that unfolds human potential and serves society and planet. Driven by this purpose, she works currently on different projects, facilitating the emergence of the next-generation enterprises, leveraging the Teal paradigm and Theory U.

Find her on LinkedIn.